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Bambos has sent this YouTube link to SelfTaughtGirl who has uploaded lots of episodes of ‘The Classical Guitar’ programme from the 80s.


Keith has asked us if we’d like to do our own concert (perhaps being joined by another musical group?).
We did have a successful one earlier this year.
This would be a fairly informal event - probably held in the Meeting Room, Heslington.
Any suggestions and ideas most welcomed - for instance, any of you like to do a duet or trio?

You can email Keith here.

Also, from

This is Annie Budash again from I am following up regarding Jason Vieaux’s offer for your society.

Grammy award-winning Jason Vieaux has recorded an exhaustive online curriculum and teaches players around the world through “Video Exchange Learning” at

We’d like to offer your members access to three free video lessons and samples of Video Exchanges® as well as a discount on a membership to Jason’s Classical Guitar course.

They would not only have the opportunity to learn proper techniques and important classical guitar repertoire from the online recorded lessons, but they also have the option to submit videos of themselves to Jason, performing whatever piece they may be working on.

Getting instruction and individual feedback from Jason can prove difficult otherwise, but he particularly wants to support and be of value to classical guitar societies everywhere.

Your members can get his free lessons here:

Or learn more about Jason with this link:

They can use JASON20 to receive 20% off on any 3, 6 or 12-month membership to Classical Guitar with Jason Vieaux at:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

ArtistWorks Customer Support


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